Crushing on Maja Wyh

From the don’t-give-a-shit ombr√©, to the perfect pout and the immense talent for layering; I am seriously crushing on Maja Wyh.
I first came across blogger extraordinaire Maja Wyh on Pinterest while on my endless quest to work on my layering game, and her style is just incredible. She’s perfected the French Vogue editor-esque laid lack luxe to a tee and if I could pull off a jumper and jeans half as well as her, I would be damn pleased. The endless limbs and good face help some, but my god this girl has style.





(All images taken from Pinterest)

Crushing on Maja Wyh

Currently Coveting…

My endless wish list and lack of designer budget leaves me with an endless catalogue of things that I have stalked online, almost purchased, debated sacrificing a kidney for and finally saw sense and left behind.

Nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy…or so the saying goes. So here it is – ‘Currently Coveting’

When putting together my first Currently Coveting post, it wasn’t difficult for me to choose. I’ve had my eye on the Saint Laurent Paris Python boots for months and even though they have popped up on The Outnet for a teeny ¬£459 (an absolute steal when you consider an original price of ¬£1,020!), they still remain outside the realms of reality for my pre-Christmas budget.

Santa, if you’re reading this…I’ve been a really, really good girl this year.


Currently Coveting…

Pied a Terre Turned Me Into a Bag Lady

I’ve never been a bag person. Shoes, yes. Seriously, so much yes. Too much yes. Enough yes that it’s spread from two shelves to a whole box room of shoe yes-ness. It’s an addiction, don’t be so judgemental.

Anyway, no, never a bag girl. Until Mum dragged me into House of Fraser one Saturday last year and I fell head first into the bag department. I’m talking serious bag lust, to a degree I had never before felt. DKNY, Coccinelle (the one that got away, kicking myself over this particular one), Calvin Klein, Moschino, Lulu Guinness…all at ridiculously reduced prices. Now, I pride myself on my ability to sniff out a bargain so I am disgusted that I have missed this for so long. Amongst the gems I spotted a Pied a Terre design that instantly caught my eye. It was mid-summer and neon was all up in everyone’s sartorial grill. This particular beauty had a hint of pewter to break up the day glo effect, as well as a cool plastic chain strap. It was sexy as. It was ¬£29. I was sold.


Fast forward to a year down the line and House of Fraser has become one of the first stops on my Saturday shopping trail. The brands in there are awesome and I always find something amazing. This Mary Portas dress was reduced from ¬£165 to ¬£16 in the sale, and after umming and ahhing about whether I needed it, it’s actually become one of my favourite pieces. Never fails to attract some rather flattering comments either, which is never a bad thing.



This putty coloured bag of dreams is my latest purchase. Well, sort of. It’s actually the world’s earliest Christmas present from the Mighty Mother. Love that woman. I plan to rock this white leather bad boy with black for a contrast, and grey obviously, as that is the mainstay of my wardrobe.

Only problem is, you know when you just love something too much to use it? Yeah, that.

Pied a Terre Turned Me Into a Bag Lady

When Will We Stop Feeling ‘A Bit Braggy’ and Start Feeling A Bit Proud

…and now I write features forBritish Vogue. It‚Äôs a bit braggy to say, but I‚Äôm over here [in New York] writing cover stories on couture (Alexa Chung, 2014)

I always felt a strange affinity with Alexa Chung. On the outside I will admit that we’re quite¬†different; she is one of lithe limbs and model poise, I am one of Coke bottle proportions (1.5 litre not 500ml) and a notoriously awkward photo pose. We do however both show¬†some serious love for a lined eye, enjoying love affairs that flit between smudged and smoky or perfectly winged (though never fully committing to a long term relationship with either). Our hair is, I’m sure, almost the exact same degree¬†of don’t give a shit bed head that’s less Brigitte Bardot and more stig of the dump. It isn’t because we can’t be bothered to style it, it’s just that we sort of like the ‘style’ it falls into all by itself, without all those stupidly hot irons and tongs and stuff. Plus boys love a girl who can wash and go, so there.

Well little did I know that a shoulder length semi-bob/semi-‘I want to grow it so boys like me’ hairdo isn’t the only thing Alexa and I have in common. For in an interview with Into The Gloss, Alexa threw out there something that I’ve privately felt for a while and that is the awkwardness of feeling “a bit braggy”.

That’s right. Alexa Chung, lover of fashion, muse to some of fashion’s biggest names (Karl Lagerfeld anyone?), recipient of high praise from none other than Anna Wintour, and fashion maven of such high power she even has a Mulberry bag named in her honour, worries about sounding ‘a bit braggy’ when she tells people¬†that she actually spends her days in New York “writing cover stories on couture”. Well it doesn’t sound braggy to me, infact it sounds like one little girls dream may well¬†have come true. Alexa loves fashion, like really¬†loves it and she knows her sartorial shit to boot. Truth be told, writing ‘cover stories on couture’ from a desk in NYC is probably a dream come true, so why is it so difficult to shout it from the rooftops with beams of pride and smugness radiating from ones cheeks?

On the cover of Vogue. As you do.

The thing is, as daft as it sounds I sort of see where she’s coming from. Last week I blogged about the life lessons I’d pass on to my 18 year old self. A bit deep and with some overtly Carrie Bradshaw overtones, I admit. I did the usual Twitter bombardment to spread the word, in the hope that someone somewhere might quite like to read my ramblings. Only, someone did. The problem being it was a ‘real life’ someone who I know in the ‘real world’. Cue the feelings of embarassment and¬†yes, feeling ‘a bit braggy’. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a million miles away from freelancing for Vogue, but who do I think I am? A small town girl going all Carrie Bradshaw?

When I began this blog my Mum went all proud parent on me and shared the link on Facebook. I was mortified and immediately rang to ask¬†her to delete the link. Why you ask? Well, although I want the big dogs at Vogue/ Elle/ Marie Claire/ Grazia/ InStyle/ Every Other Magazine in the World to know I write, it doesn’t mean I want to share my ambitions with my nearest and dearest. They know I write, they know I love it and they know my love of fashion leads to them having to spend an evening with me dressed in the latest questionable trends, but I’m not sure I want them to know how much it all means to me. It’s sort of everything. Some people want to be a nurse, others a teacher, some a manager¬†or maybe even a dentist (sickos). I want to be a writer. I guess I already am really, in that I just wrote this, but appearing in the glossies is the dream. In fact scratch that, being over there in New York writing cover stories on couture is the dream.

Winston Churchill once said ‘Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about’. So to Alexa Chung I say this. You worked you little bum off to get where you are and never gave up. Think back to the days reading Vogue in the hairdressers while your Mum had her hair done (also in the Into The Gloss interview) and imagine little old you having your name next to those cover stories on couture. Girl’s done good, and if you promise to try and feel a bit less braggy and a bit more proud, I’ll¬†try and do the same next time a ‘real lifer’ sees my latest ramblings. Hell, I might even give them the link to take a look themselves…maybe.



When Will We Stop Feeling ‘A Bit Braggy’ and Start Feeling A Bit Proud

5 Things I’d Tell My 18 Year Old Self

It is with much regret that I can confirm I am now 28 years old. Twenty. Eight.

Yesterday was spent panic buying bodycon dresses out of a pure and absolute fear that I may soon be too old to rock them to full effect, and it was mid shopping trip that I thought up this post.

You see, my little sister is 18. BLOODY EIGHTEEN. Mum and dad clearly gave little consideration my emotional state when they decided to allow a gap of ten whole years to come between me and my youngest sibling, forever condemning me to a lifetime spent seething with envy at her prolonged youth. I turned 26, she turned SIXTEEN. This year I cried into my bodycon just a mere four months after she wore hers to buy her first legal drink. It pains me, as you may tell.

I got to thinking, what advice would I give my 18 year old self, based on my ten year advantage?


Boom! You have an actual, real life, grown up job. Now, stick at it until September and then get your arse to university. Yes, I know it’s awesome having a few hundred quid to blow on emptying the rails of Topshop every weekend, but ten years down the line it’s going to be a hell of a lot more difficult to follow your dreams whilst feeding two dogs, doing a boy’s ironing and paying a mammoth mortgage (cheers for that, credit crunch)


You know that time you begged your mum to make you a purple catsuit for the Year 6 disco? Or the time you saved every penny of your holiday money and lived on one ham toastie a day, just so you could get those Spice Girl inspired buffalo trainers from Meadowhall when you got home? Well, these were the beginnings of a BIG obsession with fashion. You’ll eventually realise that you really love it and even happen to be quite good at writing about it too. But you’ll have wasted precious years in jobs you hated just because ‘that’s what normal people like me do’. It isn’t, and the sooner you realise it the better!

Spice Girls Ashish x Topshop
LOOK at those shoes. Ashish x Topshop eat your heart out!


Mum isn’t just being all motherly when she keeps telling you this but unfortunately you’ll spend a long time thinking she is, and that she has to say that because she’s your mum. The purple lurex catsuit (yes ok, I tried to avoid mentioning the lurex part), Geri Halliwell tribute Union Jack dress and the pink chainmail top were early indicators that you like something ‘different’. Unfortunately, you’ll get a bit older and take those mean comments on board, meaning you stop wearing what the bloody hell you like. Well screw them. If you want to wear a sequin pencil skirt to the pub on a Tuesday night, do it. Ignore the Hells Angels humour when you venture out in leather leggings too. Let them have their laughs because somewhere down the line they’ll be laughing all the way to Topshop to buy the exact. same. thing (six months after you rocked it first)


Ten years from now you’re not going to have a wardrobe, you’re going to have a whole room. Unfortunately, three years after being seduced by the bright lights of NYC for the first time, you’re also going to have a serious case of wanderlust and a burning regret that you didn’t spend more time doing stuff than you did buying stuff. Down the line you’re gonna remember road trips and big city lights much more fondly than you will another pair of boots.

New York City
Bright lights, big city, bigger dreams


Ten years from now you’ll have a man friend, two mardy dogs, a mortgage, bills and a job you don’t quite love. As if that isn’t bad enough, you’ll have a Zara and Net-a-Porter wish list the length of both arms and far less disposable income than should be legally acceptable in the modern world. Aside from the crappy grown up stuff though, you’ll also have the good stuff that comes with it. A nice little home, family and friends who are a bit awesome, a bad ass car (full of spare heels and sunglasses, but still) and holidays to places you didn’t think you’d ever have the chance to see.

Those annoying sods who mutter ‘what have you got to worry about at your age?!’ are actually sort of right. The next ten years have the potential to be the best of your life. Go for it, chase the dreams that seem like they’ll always be just that and make sure you have more regrets from things you have done than things you haven’t. You’ll be 28 one day, you know.







5 Things I’d Tell My 18 Year Old Self

Journeying Behind The Jewels with Wolf & Badger

My first contribution to the Wolf & Badger blog is officially live and I am beyond stoked to be one of the first contributing writers for them. I love everything about the Wolf & Badger ethos and their dedication to supporting some of the most exciting independent fashion and interior brands from the UK and worldwide. They were also voted one of the best British boutiques by Vogue magazine, which sort of says it all.

‘Trend Report: The Journey Behind The Jewels’ focuses particularly on the work of the incredible Tessa Metcalfe and Vasundhara Parakh. After doing the necessary research I’ve fallen a little bit in love and my¬†yearnings for a pigeons foot¬†are verging on obsessive (I know that sounds incredibly wrong but have a look here and you will understand entirely)

The Wolf & Badger blog in its entirety is so good and they really focus on promoting their designers whilst still giving you a really good read along with some pretty hot sartorial eye candy. So, take a look, starting with my post!




(images from Wolf & Badger)



Journeying Behind The Jewels with Wolf & Badger

Culture, Wine and Vintage Finds in Edinburgh

Last weekend I headed to Edinburgh to celebrate Mum’s 50th birthday. She’s bloody lovely is my Mum and thoroughly deserved a little getaway, and since she hasn’t stopped talking about how lovely Edinburgh is since she last visited, it seemed the perfect place.

I had never been to Edinburgh before but had such a fab time and LOVED the city. Shopping on Princes Street is fab, the Royal Mile is perfect for those looking for some Scottish tradition (and of course Edinburgh Castle) and last but not least, I have to give a special shout out to Armstrongs Vintage Emporium.

After reading about this hidden gem on the internet I almost choked on my coffee when we happened to stroll past it on our way to the hotel. I quickly forgot it was supposed to be Mum’s weekend and demanded we drop off the bags and head straight back there. It didn’t disappoint in the slightest and is an absolute treasure trove of really reasonably priced vintage. There are more cashmere jumpers and Studio 54 worthy threads than you could shake a stick at, and prices were really surprising given the usually inflated rates charged by the better vintage shops. I fell head over heels in love with two pencil skirts in white leather and cobalt blue leather (very Topshop Unique AW14!) but alas it wasn’t to be as both were a teeny size 8 and after attempting to shoehorn myself into them in the changing room I had to admit defeat. I seriously advise anyone visiting Edinburgh to check out Armstrongs – I promise you will NOT be disappointed!

Elsewhere in Edinburgh I did manage to bag a stunning olive green Loewe leather skirt for ¬£5.99 (yes, there is a leather theme…we’ve discussed this already, I can’t help it!) and a Carrie Bradshaw worthy full red skirt, not disimilar to those Tibi ones doing the rounds at the minute. I’ve had some serious vintage steals lately and my next post will show these, amongst others,¬†in all their glory!

Vintage finds, an AMAZING Harvey Nichols window display, gorgeous architecture, too much food and perhaps a little too much wine later and it’s safe to say I’m a bit in love with bonny wee Scotland.

Gloves galore at Armstrongs Vintage Emporium
Cashmere in all the colours
60’s, 70’s, 80’s…pick an era and they had the fabulous to match
What’s an outfit without accessories?
Playground Games at Harvey Nichols


Have you ever seen a more amazing window display?
I wish science was this fabulous when I was at school
Major mannequin shoe game…and those camo trousers!



‘He’s got the whole world, in his hands’. Hymns anyone?
Gorgeous Edinburgh Castle
NEED to try the notorious Sunday Roast at Kyloe next time. Everyone raves about it!
The obligatory cherry blossom, Edinburgh style


Culture, Wine and Vintage Finds in Edinburgh